Liftgate Anti Rattle

Stainless Liftgate Anti Rattle w/Cnc Machined Stainless Striker - $335.00

Bare Steel Liftgate Anti Rattle w/CNC Machined Stainless Striker - $250.00

Custom 1 piece design eliminates the rivets for the center striker plate, which is the primary cause of liftgate rattling.  The 14 gauge trim is stamped with factory bends and includes adjustment plate on the backside for the striker.  Piece comes with all stainless hardware and dynamat for additional sound deadening ready to install.  Cnc machined stainless striker is polished and comes with stainless hardware. Our stainless Striker will not break or chip like original potmetal strikers.

Standard Polished Stainless w/Cnc Machined Stainless Striker

Bare Steel Painted w/Cnc Machined Stainless Striker

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