Liftgate Straightening

The rear upper liftgates dont fit properly on nomads and safaris because the rear torsion rods, that assist in lifting the gate, twisted the potmetal upwards over time.  Unless they were removed at an early age, most of all liftgates are twisted because of these, and will not fit the rear opening properly causing rattles and leaks, and not to mention the overall appearance will look terrible. Liftgates are straightened using a jig and heat , twisting them back into shape.  After straightening, they are test fitted on our nomad to insure proper fitment and to insure all gaps and rails are lined up correctly. When installing a gate that has been re-worked, be sure that torsion rods are removed so it doesn't twist again.  Since the liftgate will be heavier without the rods, I sell aftermarket gas struts that make opening and closing a breeze.   See below for before and after shots of the straightening process.  Below are some of the worst I have worked on.  See the next page for liftgate restoration.  Click pictures below to enlarge.

Straightening Fee $650.00


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