Liftgate Restoration

All liftgates are triple plated to show quality condition.  Definition and sharp lines all retained, nothing ground down.  Even the most heavily pitted liftgates will come out show quality.  All cracks by the hinges holes or anywhere else are repaired.  Although I have yet to see an absolute 100% perfect liftgate with no flaws,they are show quality by far.  Local chrome shops will grind down all pits and definition ruining the liftgates.  Click pictures below to enlarge.

Core exchanges available for expedited service email or call for details

Restoration costs including straightening  - $1500.00 includes triple plated chrome brackets ( these mount on the backside and hold glass in )  each liftgate has additional polishing in the vertical jamb area for an extra show quality look. see pictures below.
Restored Liftgates w/side brackets

Differences between average and show quality ( left side is my liftgate, right side is done by average chrome shop )

                                                                      Michael John Bakotich
                                                (310) 528-0482

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